Political Science


To become a leader in the study of Political Science and be fully committed to the nurture of democratic values.


  1. To produce highly qualified graduates fully committed to the nurture of democratic values.
  2. researches on political science to support the nurture of democratic values.
  3. To conduct public services in an effort to back up the nurture of democratic values.

Accreditation : A
Study Level / Degree : S1 / Bachelor of Political Science (S.IP)
Curriculum requirement : 144 Semester Credit Units (SCU)
Period of Study : 7-14 Semesters
Class Schedule : Morning / Evening


  • Researcher / Academician
  • Political observer
  • Politician
  • House of Representative members
  • Minister
  • Ambassador
  • Journalist
  • State Officer (Bureaucrat)
  • Expert Staff on Politics / Political Consultant
  • Entrepreneur


Political science is defined as an academic study of national power, allocation and distribution of resources, and approaches to governance, all of which can be summed up by the question “Who gets what, when, and how?” (Harold Lasswell)

Home to one of the oldest Potitical Science programs in the country, Unas has always sought to educate its students on the understanding of political views in Indonesia, Western countries, and developing nations as a solid basis of worldwide political system and behavior. The attributing aspects thoroughly studied are :

  • Political theory
  • History of evolution of Indonesian political and governmental system
  • Political representation system
  • Partisan and electoral system
  • Conflict and reconciliation both in national and international politics.The understanding of political science is the essential key to fixing problems arising from Indonesian politics and to implementing full-scale democracy as the main source of justice, freedom, and people’s welfare.The rapidly dynamic growth of business world over the years has given way to the emergence of political marketing, described as well-advised strategies of political science needed by every active businessman and highly effective in the marketing of any products/services for sale. Therefore, political science has come to take a greater role in promoting entrepreneurship and broadening scopes of business.Such knowledge is proven to have helped many graduates of Political Science of Unas in pursuit of successful careers in the sectors of research and education. Political science of Unas has also propelled a lot of graduates into notable achievements as leading practicioners in politics and government offices.


Indonesian Politics

Students of this particular major can get a deeper insight into the complexity of Indonesian Government along with its political culture, political sociology, strategies, social-economic development administration, and political policies.

Comparative Politics

Students of this particular major can broaden their knowlegde on the details of political systems, political cultures, and governmental practices.


  • Air-conditioned regular classrooms
  • Library
  • Internet Access
  • Social and political sciences laboratory
  • Online Information System Management designed to assist students in the process of academic registration via Internet. This facility accommodates registration of new students, the checking of class schedules, completion of Study Plan Card, tuition fee payment via bank transfer, schedule checking, and the issuance of Semester Grades and Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as provides the access to campus-related information via website www.unas.ac.id