To become the center of Studies of Journalism, International Relations, and Advertisement in Indonesia in accordance with the development of science and technology in the era of globalization.


  1. To develop certain methods of education, researches, and public services in regard to the study of communication, with a strict priority put into journalism, public relations, and advertisement in line with the limitless needs of general society.
  2. To guide the students into becoming graduates with reliable aptitudes and skills in the study of Communication, clear conscience, genuine creativity and productivity, and the capability of broadening their knowledge responsibly. Students are also expected to contribute more to the study of Communication for the greater benefit of Indonesian people amidst the development of communication.
  3. To upgrade the facilities and equipments available in the laboratory to greatly improve the implementation of Three Pillars of Tertiary Education.
  4. To build mutual partnerships with pivotal individuals or groups, including government and private institutions, widely respected figures, and foreign parties.


  1. To improve the quality of teaching-learning process on the basis of justly executed dialogues between lecturers and students.
  2. To help the students reach their full potential as future graduates with remarkable academic skills and strong capability of developing and broadening the scope of communication study.
  3. To launch the careers of graduates strongly capable of surviving tough competition amidst the rapid development of sciences and technologies nowadays.
  4. To develop and broaden the scope of Communication study in an effort to glorify the national pride and honor as well as to enrich national cultures.
  5. To create strong academic atmosphere by spearheading pivotal activities such as discussions, seminars, workshops, and trainings as well as the optimalization of laboratory unit of Communication program of UNAS.
  6. To embolden the development of sciences by uphoding Three Pillars of Tertiary Education (lectures, researches, and public services)
  7. To improve the quality of researches conducted by lecturers and students for the greater benefit of general people.

Accreditation B
Study Level/Degree: S1/Bachelor of Communication (S.I.Kom)
Curriculum requirement : 144 Semester Credit Units (SCU)
Period of study : 7-14 semesters
Class schedule : Morning/evening


  • Journalist
  • Announcer
  • Reporter
  • Copy writer
  • Media planner
  • Public relations officer
  • Promotor
  • Presenter
  • Host
  • Event Organizer
  • Advertising designer
  • Media researcher
  • Teaching staff


Department of Communication has taken a pivotal part in this modern era in terms of producing skillful workforce well-prepared to cope with a highly competitive communication industry. Reliable expertise in the study of communication will definitely embolden the enhancement of technologies and strategies aiming at having the upper hand over any other tough competitors in the same field. Therefore, Department of Communication at Unas continues to provide all students with formidable competencies to put to the test when they are ready to find their places in the globalization era.

The alumni of Communication Department of UNAS are all eager to unlock every possibility that leads to bright futures following the growth of communication industry as an inseparable part of various business sectors. Such possibilities are made possible by the rise of public awareness in regard to the significance of effective communication strategies to dominate today’s relentless competition. Therefore, the need for a huge number of communication practitioners is very real for any existing organization around the globe seeking to reach their peaks.

Communication Department of UNAS continues to strive to feed its students with a plentiful supply of useful theories as key references to any types of communication, including interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, political, sosiological, legal and mass media, business, and cross-cultural communications along with the recommended research methods of communication.



Focusing on journalism, reportage, broadcasting management, news searching and processing methods, printed media management, consumer behavior analyses, TV and radio broadcasting analyses, photography, and journalism practice.


Providing students with the means to improve their aptitudes in advertising management, graphic communication, business and marketing communications, consumer behavior analyses, photography, priinted media production, and advertising practice.

Public Relation

Providing students with the means to improve their proficiency in kemampuan advertising and broeadcasting management, photography, public relation media, Protocols and Hosting (MC), public relation service marketing, graphic communication, and public relation practice.


  • Regular air-conditioned classrooms
  • Library
  • Internet Access
  • Social and Political Sciences Laboratory
  • TV Laboratory
  • Radio Laboratory
  • Online Information System Management designed to assist students in the process of academic registration via Internet. This facility accommodates registration of new students, the checking of class schedules, completion of Study Plan Card, tuition fee payment via bank transfer, schedule checking, and the issuance of Semester Grades and Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as provides the access to campus-related information via website

23 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Yth. Bapak/Ibu,

    Apakah FISIP UNAS (prodi Ilmu Komunikasi) dapat menerima calon mahasiswa pindahan dari FIKOM UNPAD (prodi Manajemen Komunikasi) untuk masuk Semester 7 dan 8 ? Kebetulan yang bersangkutan telah menyelesaikan Semester 7.

    Andai memungkinkan, bagaimanakah prosedurnya dan ketentuan administrasinya ? Apakah ada link internet dimana informasi terebut dapat ditemukan ?

    Terima kasih atas bantuannya.

    1. Dear Novia,

      Mulai semester ini sudah dibuka kelas eksekutif/karyawan. Silahkan kontak bagian Kesekretariatan FISIP UNAS

  2. Yth. Bapak/Ibu,

    Apakah FISIP UNAS (prodi Ilmu Komunikasi) masih menerima lowongan sebagai dosen?
    Bagaimanakah persyaratan prosedurnya dan ketentuan administrasinya ?

    Terima kasih sebelumnya

    1. Dear luciana,

      Untuk hal seperti itu kita punya program pindahan, sebaiknya saudara ke bagian PPMB UNAS untuk keterangan lebih jelas

      Terima kasih

  3. apakah di prodi ilmu komunikasi bisa menerima mahasiswa lulusan D3 bahasa inggris?
    saya lulusan D3 bahasa inggris politeknik

  4. Apakah untuk tahun ajaran baru tahun 2016-2017 nanti ada kelas karyawan untuk prodi Ilmu Komunikasi ?
    lalu rincian penjelasannya seperti apa ?

  5. Permisi ibu/bapak saya mau tanya kalo peminatannya ikom di unas apa aja? Dan juga fikom unas menerima kelas karyawan? Terima kasih

  6. Sy lulusan D3 Akuntansi(Unas)ingin melanjutkan S1 ke prodi Ilmu Komunikasi ambil kelas karyawan, berapa sks lg yg hrs sy selesaikan?

  7. Halo,kak sya mau nanya
    Syakn lgi kuliah D3 komunikasi kalo untuk ekstensi/paraleldari D3 ke S1 di unas,tersedia gk yah untuk penerimaannya?

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