Intenational Relations


To become a leader in the international political ecomony and international politics studies in parallel with the unfolding and development of various international issues.


  1. To forge the academic skills of students of International Relations Department, particularly those concentrating on international political economy and international politics courses.
  2. To help the students reach their full potential as graduates with solid academic skills in several areas of International Relations, particularly international political economy and international politics courses. The department also encourages students to uphold the principles of clear conscience, creativity, and productivity to help them optimize and develop those skills responsibly for the benefit of the Republic of Indonesia and its citizens in general.
  3. To realize a credible and attractive teaching-learning process on the basis of dialogues and researches adaptive to any concentrated study course selected by the students.
  4. To intensify the activities of researches and studies within the scope of international relations, particularly international political economy and international politics courses.
  5. To conduct a wide range of academic activities and public services in the forms of seminars or workshops, audiences, and trainings in cooperation with outside parties such as local communities, government institutions, international organizations, and industrial societies.


  1. To prepare the students to find their places in society and implement their understanding of plentiful matters in international relations, specifically on international political economy and international politics courses.
  1. To educate students as they grow into potential graduates with clear conscience, creativity, and productivity leading to better implementation and broadening of sciences that will continue to benefit Indonesian people.
  2. To improve each student’s level of understanding and make them more profesional and productive in skill implementation as well as more competitive in the globalization era.

Accreditation B
Level of study/ Degree : S1 / Bachelor of Political Science (S.IP)
Curriculum requirement: 144 Semester Credit Units (SCU)
Study period : 7-14 Semesters

Class schedule : Morning/Evening


  • Researcher
  • Ambassador
  • Diplomat
  • Journalist
  • Governmental Bureaucrat
  • International Relations Observer
  • International Business Practicioner
  • Public dan Customer Relations
  • Teaching Staff
  • Entrepreneur


The development of international relations since the arrival of the 21st century has seen a lot of progress buliding up to the era of globalization. The power of information has become a key factor that continues to encourage both individual and multinational competitions due to increasingly thinner geographical and geopolitical boundaries. The dominating countries keep trying to impose their own values on a global scale, while the dependents have always struggled with the threat of being dominated by certain interests of the powerfuls. Amidst the changing tides of international relations, the world leaders alias state actors have striven to focus on protecting their national interests despite their unwavered commitment to world peace and eradication of any trace of new forms of colonialism from the face of the earth.

This exact development is the focus of International Relations Program (HI) at Unas. The students will learn more about:

  • Political dimension
  • Law
  • Economy
  • International cultures
  • Diplomacy
  • Foreign politics
  • The study of strategies and security
  • History of Indonesian foreign policies

The focused studies consist of:

  • Human rights
  • Democratization
  • Environment
  • Mass media
  • Inter-regional relations in Asia, Africa, Australia, America, and Europe

All graduates of International Relations Department of Unas are expected to shape their aptitudes in diplomatic skills, foreign policies analysis, and a selection of foreign languages (English, Arabic, French, and Chinese), preparing them to grow into reliable diplomats in any choices of professions.


International Politics

Students of this particular discipline will see their understanding much improved particularly on the management and resolution of international conflicts, human rights, maritime politics, international maritime law, and mass media in international politics.

International Political Economy

Students of this particular discipline will look to deepen their understanding of monetary system and international trades, international political business, the study of multinatinal corporates (MNC’s), and also regionalism and globalism.


    • Regular air-conditioned classrooms
    • Library
    • Internet Access
    • Social and political sciences laboratory
    • Online Information System Management designed to assist students in the process of academic registration via Internet. This facility accommodates registration of new students, the checking of class schedules, completion of Study Plan Card, tuition fee payment via bank transfer, schedule checking, and the issuance of Semester Grades and Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as provides the access to campus-related information via website

24 thoughts on “Intenational Relations

    1. HI UNAS tidak memiliki kelas karyawan, hanya ada kelas reguler. Namun, jam perkuliahan tersedia mulai jam 08.00-21.00 WIB.
      Info lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi call center UNAS di (021)7806700.
      Terima kasih 🙂

    2. untuk saat ini Prodi HI belum membuka kelas khusus untuk karyawan. Namun mahasiswa Prodi HI saat ini banyak yang kuliah sambil bekerja (karyawan). Selama statusnya sebagai karyawan yang dituntut untuk profesional tidak berbenturan dengan proses pembelajaran di kelas / di kampus maka prodi mempersilahkan untuk dapat menjalani keduanya.

      1. dear admin fisip,

        untuk kelas karyawan HI nya , mungkin boleh di bantu jadwal kelas karyawannya dan kapan terakhir pendaftarannya?


      2. Dear admni fisip,

        mohon penjelasannya tentang jadwal dan batas pendaftaran mahasiswa baru nya?



  1. HI Unas tidak memiliki kelas karyawan, hanya ada kelas reguler. Terima kasih 🙂
    Info lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi (021)7806700

    1. Dear Annisa,

      mulai semester ini dibuka kelas eksekutif/karyawan. Silahkan kontak bagian Kesekretariatan FISIP UNAS. Trims

    2. Dear Bu Annisa,

      tolong di berikan informasi yang jelas,apakah ada kelas karyawan atau tidak.
      Kalaupun tidak ada mungkin bisa di bantu jadwal untuk kelas regulernya jam brapa ke jam berapa, dan batas penerimaan mahasiswa baru.

      Trima Kasih


  2. Syaratnya apa saja karena anak saya sekolah di internasional jadi menggunakan IGCSE yang di ujikan mata pelajaran: ekonomi, matematika, bahasa Indonesia, bahasa inggris, business, Information Comunication Technology (ICT). Tks alumnus Fisip HI 95

  3. Salam,

    Saya Fajar Nugraha, Alumni HI Unas Angkatan 2000. Saya perlu bantuan untuk rekomendasi akademik guna keperluan aplikasi sebuah beasiswa S2. Bisa tolong bantu, saya bermaksud untuk meminta rekomendasi akademik dari dosen di HI Unas. Apakah ada yang bisa dihubungi?

    Terima kasih,

    Fajar Nugraha

  4. Saya mau daftar jurusan hi nih .. tapi kelas eksekutif/karyawan. Kuliahnya bisa masuk jumat sore dan sabtu pagi aja ?? Tolong d bales secepatnya ya .. berhubung akan sgera mendaftar .. terima kasih admin

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