Public Administration

Accreditation A
Study Level/Degree: S1/ Bachelor of Political Science (S.IP)
Curriculum requirement : 144 Semester Credit Units (SCU)
Period of study : 7-14 Semesters
Class schedule : Morning/evening


  • Government bureaucrat
  • State-owned corporate officers
  • Analyst/observer of public policies
  • General affairs officers
  • Human resources management
  • Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Entrepreneur


Public administration is a combination of political science dan management studies aimed at the construction of good governance as well as an effective and efficient method of public service. The relevance of public administration course has been well-tested and highly reflective of the spirit of regional autonomy and of an improvement in public service as required in the modern era.

This particular development is highlighted by Department of Public Administration of Unas. The students will dig deeper on the matters of:

  • Public dimension
  • Law
  • Economy
  • Culture and emvironment in the frameworks of public administration

In an effort to achieve the course’s targets, the curriculum has adopted a competence-based education method. A number of taught subjects are especially intended to address a wide range of matters associated with public policy and services to the students, encouraging future public administration graduates to be capable of assessing and improving the quality of public services.

The students will further see their capabilities perfected on administration researches, qualitative and quantitative data, public policy analyses, program evaluation, and entrepreneurship. Consequently, all graduates of Public Administration Department of Unas are expected to display commendable strength and quality in handling any sorts of public services irrespective of the professions they end up choosing.


  • Regular air-conditioned classrooms
  • Student-Centered Learning (SCL) classrooms
  • Library
  • Internet Access
  • Social and Political Sciences Laboratory
  • Online Information System Management designed to assist students in the process of academic registration via Internet. This facility accommodates registration of new students, the checking of class schedules, completion of Study Plan Card, tuition fee payment via bank transfer, schedule checking, and the issuance of Semester Grades and Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as provides the access to campus-related information via website

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