Vision, Mission and Goals


To become a leading center of social and political science development attending to the  interests and needs of  the general society in a dynamic, progressive, and quality-oriented manner.


1. Providing highest quality academic program  in social and political sciences in order  produce  graduates with  academic and professional integrity,  competitive adge, proper leadership skills, problem solving capabilities, and adaptability to the environment;

2. Undertaking extensive research to promote social and political sciences relevant to the interests and needs of  the general public;

3. Disseminating the outcomes of reseach undertaken to the general public  through publication, studies, and implementation of social and political sciences in particular  pertaining to sustainable human resources development


  1. Creating highest quality education to produce  graduates  with academic and professional competence and integrity  specifically in politics , international relations , and communications, sociology, public administration as well as to equip them with entrepreneurial , communication, leadership skills and capabilities  adaptable to the environment
  2. Providing excellent, professional academic capabilities for educators
  3. Creating a top-notch  internal management performance
  4. Creating quality education services for the public
  5. Providing relevant and applicable research outputs to be desiminated for the development of sustainable human resources.