Curriculum of International Relations

Personality Development Courses (MPK)

Courses SCU
Religion 3
Entrepreneurship 2
Civic Education 3

Knowledge and Skill Courses (MKK)

Courses SCU
Introduction to Sociology 3
Introduction to Political Science 3
English Language I 3
Indonesian Language 3
Introduction to Communication 3
Introduction to Public Administration 3
Introduction to Economy 3
Introduction to Law 3
Introduction to International Relations 3
Social Statistics 3
Political System of Indonesia 3
Indonesian Social-Cultural System 3
The Economy of Indonesia 3
The Principles of Management 3
Social Research Methods 3
Introduction to Philosophies and Logical Basics 3
Philosophy of Political Science 3

Occupational Skill Courses (MKB)

Coruses SCU
Western Political Philosophy 3
International Relations Methodology I 3
Foreign Politics of the Republic of Indonesia 3
Political Economy 3
International Relations in East and Southeast Asia Regions 3
English Language II 3
Political Comparison Theory 3
International Relations Methodology II 3
International Administration and Organization 3
International Political Economy 3
International Politics 3
International Relations in Europe and America Regions 3
Diplomacy 3
International Law 3
Foreign Politics of the United States of America 3
International Business 3
Foreign Policy Analyses 3
Strategy and Security Studies 3
International Relations Theory 3
International Relations in Africa and Middle East Regions 3
Global Nature Study 3
Foreign Politics Comparison 3

Work Behaviour Courses (MPB)

  1. Concentration on International Politics
Courses  SCU
International Conflict Management and Resolution 3
International Politics and Human Resources 3
Marine Politics and International Law of the Sea 3
Mass Media in International Politics 3
  1. Concentration on International Political Economy
Courses   SCU
Monetary System and International Trade 3
International Business Politics 3
Multinational Corporations Study 3
Regionalism and Globalism 3

Compulsory Courses

Seminar on International Relations 3
Thesis 6

Living Society Courses (MBB)

Courses SCU
Regional Autonomy 3
Data Analysis Program Application 3
English Language III 3
Diplomacy Practice 3
On-Field Work Practice 3
French Language 3
Arabic Language 3
Mandarin Language 3

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  1. Assalamualaykum. Mau tanya, apa Di unas khusunya fisip, di bolehkan mahasiswi nya mengenakan hijab panjang dan bergamis?

    1. Semuanya boleh berpakaian sebagaimana mestinya. Yg penting baik sopan dan sesuai aturan institusi:)
      Disana jg banyak ko yg syar’i termasuk tmn” kuliah saya:)

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