Curriculum of Public Administration

Personality Development Courses (MPK)

Courses SCU
Religion 3
Entrepreneurship 2
Civic Education 3

Knowledge and Skills Courses (MKK)

Courses SCU
Introduction to Sociology 3
Introduction to Political Science 3
English Language I 3
Indonesian Language I 3
Introduction to Communication 3
Introduction to Public Administration 3
Introduction to Economy 3
Introduction to Law 3
Introduction to International Relations 3
Social Statistics 3
Political System of Indonesia 3
Indonesian Social-Cultural System 3
The Economy of Indonesia 3
The Principles of Management 3
Social Research Methods 3
Introduction to Philosophies and Logical Basics 3
Philosophy of Political Science 3

Occupational Skill Courses (MKB)

Courses SCU
Public Administration Law 3
State-Owned Businesses 3
Indonesian Administration System 3
Administration Reformation 3
Administration Research Methods 3
Organization and Management 3
Ecology of Administration 3
Public Administration Theory 3
Public Administration Comparison 3
Financial Administration 3
Human Resources Management 3
Management Information System 3
Organizational Behaviour 3
Development Administration 3
Public Issues 3
Leadership 3
Decision Making Methods 3
Public Policy 3
Regional Autonomy 3
Seminar on Public Administration 3
Program Planning and Evaluation 3
Policy Implementation Study 3

Work Behaviour Courses (MPB)

Courses SCU
English Language II 3
Philosophy of Administration 3
Fiscal Policy 3
On-Field Practice 3
Thesis 6

Living Society Courses (MBB)

Courses SCU
Data Analysis Program Application 3
Public Management 3


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